Best Budget Cruiser skateboard:

I know how hard it can be to look for the best skateboard or longboard that exactly fulfills your criteria. For example, you can still find some information on the best budget skateboards or longboards but it is so hard to find more specific information than that. Like what if I want the cheapest skateboard with the best deck, bearings and wheels to pull off tricks like kick flips? Anyway, so enough with the rant, let me get right down to business.
Today, I will be talking about the budget best cruiser skateboard

So this is the 27 inch reg big brother, large retro, Cruiser from UK. It’s currently selling for $ 35 on Amazon, and it has really good reviews. It’s 27 inches long, seven and a half inches wide, and it has four inches wide high-performance trucks. If you’re in a budget and just want a skateboard to ride around this is the perfect one to get, all in all. This is a great skateboard, especially when you’re just cruising around: it’s not really for tricks or anything fancy. I have actually been just cruising around the street on this skateboard, the deck is so smooth and the wide trucks are really perfect for just cruising around. It honestly feels so great and must also look so good because I can literally feel the eyes of the people on the road on me. I know when we are looking for a best budget skateboard, we still want the skateboard or longboard to have a nice, smooth ride for it. And if you are fond of cruising over long distances on your skateboard or your longboard, then I think it is especially necessary to get the perfect board. So this is it, guys I really hope all of you enjoy the board as much as I did. For more, you can check out: Skateboard Reviews-