Best DB Power Portable Car Jump Starter Review

We’ll be leaving a product review guys stay with us to see one of those you know the portable little jumpstart tip okay that’s all we got now by DB power let’s go inside the shop see what we got okay and let’s see if we can start a four cylinder six cylinder and an 8 cylinder engine let’s see let’s put it to the test and see how it does how you guys give it power we haven’t used them ok we’re excited to see what kind of port will ya it’s a dub-dub the product number D DJ s 50 it’s supposed to be 18,000.

Power Bank and Car Jumper Walkthrough

You can see me ampere-hours okay over 600 amps and voila like Bali little it comes in a hard case really hard case not a soft one like other ones so really easy to stow it in your vehicle okay and that’s how we see the guys ok you can see it comes with all kind all kind of different charges here also comes with its own charges okay those are the jumper cables here you can actually target it charted inside your vehicle as well so that’s pretty cool okay all the things that it comes with ok and here he tells you all the different specifications and which one is the right one for you ok you can see focus is length 15 neck 18 s so yeah let’s go ahead and see what it is we have the warranty card here and this is the product guys this is a relative looks amazing they have it lighting in two different colors we love the red and black it looks pretty awesome we leave and have a little compass here so that you can see it’s a little bit Thank You.

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Then most of the ones that we currently have on the market when you turn it down or key is going to show you even how many percent is charged for the output you can check sure you can see you can charge your phones you can charge your tablet things like that also another thing that you have is a very bright flashlight you can see this is this is pretty awesome another team for any holy we have the emergency lights right here or you can have the one on the phone you can have the one on the side you can find all the different settings in the manual how to use it and all that kind of good stuff so let’s go ahead and put it to the test and see how it does not okay you can see the little rubber cap there that’s where we are going to connect the jumper cables okay let’s go ahead and see what we can start now okay guys so we got a PhD here now let’s unlock e completely dead been sitting for a while you know the HP that we have on our channel okay let’s go ahead pop the hood and start acting now and make the positive than negative okay right there and now we need to turn our little jump start level which is charged at 90 percent okay.


Let’s see now fire right guys up that’s awesome the cars been sitting for a while probably haven’t driven it in about two months you know we started working on the ender with next double set is right here it’s a v6 engine and this one is the old water change pulling vehicle that we are going to test is a v8 entity so this one guys bothering completely down on it we’ve been working on it for a while when you’re waiting on Park okay you can see nothing at all so let’s go ahead open the heat okay connect our magical little device see if it’s going to start it I’m a little bit you know just to see that thing actually is going to work on a v6 engine okay so we’re just going to connect it to positive here okay and negative you can connect it to the battery oh you can connect it to the ground wire back as well okay let’s go ahead and see if we can start it now okay that’s the moment of the do it now okay.