Uboxing and Installation of a Baby Car Seat in Narrow Cars

I have my pink juvie car seat and so I thought I would do another unboxing. This is the girl version and I recently did the blue version of this so I’ll put a link to that down below Molly glue. This box really well oh I got it okay all right here it is just pull it out back come back. It looks really a lot brighter than what it looks in the pictures online but it’s really funny just like the blue one. The straps are a really bright pink really good just like any other. One it’s really cute I thought we could try this out with our reborn twin a little Emily. So I will get her and we will try her out in it hey guys I have little Emily and I thought I would go ahead and change her diaper and get her dressed real quick before we put her in the little car seat. So we’re just going to change her diaper real quick she’s such a little pumpkin you’re a pumpkin.

Installing a Car Seat

Did you just sleep it away oh she’s so little guy butter her little diaper on these little um Pampers diapers seem to fit her really well. I like how they fit I think these are the new horns size and they fit her little body perfectly aren’t they cute one of these days. I’ll show you guys what she looks like in her belly plate do you guys like the tummy plates on them it kind of weird to me out in a way. But I think it’s cute at the same time she’s the jela cutie he has this little ones on it on with these little monkeys. And then I also had this little shirt with some monkeys on it I thought. We would put it on her today here we go princess put her little head in was he so sweet he’s such a good girl love her so much .I hope this car seat will look right with her she’s a small newborn size so I think it will work really good because I really don’t want to have to get a regular car seat.

So I’m hoping that this car seat will work here’s the little pants that go with it they kind of have a flower that matches the monkeys. Here we go I probably should have put her socks on before I put her pants mom but this will work. He looks so cute on her this is an outfit that Emily her reborn artist sent with her when I got her and I think it looks so darling on her. I thought I would ease on with the outfit these are such sick little socks they feel nice and warm it’s been cold today put your little feet in there in the best narrowest car seat. Now he’s all warm now we can try her out in the car seat okay guys.

Results of Installation

I have a car seat here and if you guys have any questions about this car seat let me know. I know I was very curious about this car seat before I got it so I want to answer any questions that I hear. All right here we g, looks like it’s going to fit perfectly look how cute I think it looks really good what do you guys think you think it looks like it’s a normal car seat. I’m probably going to have to adjust this even a little smaller because she’s a little. So little I mean just be little straps look at that you couldn’t ask for a better fit it’s hard to get the whole thing on camera. Well guys look at it I think it looks real I mean I’m sure a real car seat is bigger but to me this is perfect look at that oh she looks so real what do you guys think does she look real and I got her a little blanket. I’m going to cover her up there we go you guys cover your babies up when you take them out anyway.